Certified in all things fitness. Emily is a Yoga Teacher, Group Fitness Instructor, and Kinesiology Graduate. She is passionate about sharing her love for movement through classes and retreats. Her life mission is to guide people through healing that ignites the power that comes from becoming physically strong and spiritually aligned. The power of being physically strong is not limited to the physical being.


Through her trainings with fitness leading professionals in Vancouver, New York, and Bali - she has found a new level of depth that movement has to offer.


Emily has worked with luxury fitness companies such as Equinox, boutique studios such as Spin Societyyoga trainings with Blissologyfundraising with organizations such as Free To Be Talks, innovative fitness apparel brands such as RYU, an ambassador for health food brands such as Buddha Brands Co, Kaizen and Lee's Market, and an ambassador for beauty lines such as FRÉ Skincare

Emily also took her passions for health and co-founded a local food company named Conscious Cookie Co. Her and her sister have taken your favourite chewy cookie and made high in protein, plant based, gluten free, nut free, and most importantly - made with real with ingredients. 


Discovering ones physical fitness leads to the mental, emotional, and spiritual balance that is important to a persons well-being. Through group and private consulting, Emily will help you unlock the power to your strength and truest potential. 

Her why? To share love, so that we can find the confidence to manifest our passions. 

“Life is simple. Your passion is your power – Your power to turn your dreams into a reality.”

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