"The key to loving bootcamps is loving the energy and vibrations that come from taking care of yourself." - Emily

1. You will get Sweaty.⠀
2. You will feel Sore.⠀
3. And you will leave a hell of a lot Stronger. 

The misconception is the "push" that comes from bootcamps. Pushing ourselves to our edges should not drain us. If your intention to getting sweaty, sore, and stronger is to find the energy and vibrations which take care of our well-being - you should never feel drained. 

Our edge is that perfect place of balance where we feel our highest vibes. Emily's recipe for the edge: fun + functional movement. 

Services include one on one, couples, corporate classes, or small group interval bootcamp trainings at a local studio, the comfort of your own home, or place of choice.  

Your bootcamps will always be designed specific to your own unique practice - whether that be introduction to functional movements, fun, or fiery. You have the power to decide exactly what you need.