"That you: the one you've been dreaming of becoming.... this is your moment to put your goals into action, clip into your power, and ride into your most powerful self yet." - Emily


Emily is an enthusiast for all things happy and healthy. She lives with a few simple keys to life: 

1) Being passionately motivated.
2) Daily sweats via spin bikes.
3) Music you can’t help but dance to.

Don’t be fooled by this little ones’ sweet and smiley vibes off the bike…. once those lights go out and that beat drops – IT. IS. ON. Driven by her passion for high-intensity workouts; her ride will be your toughest workout disguised as an epic dance party.

What’s the secret ingredient? Emily’s motivational coaching will guide you to push the pace on your toughest climbs and to kick ass in life to achieve those dreams off the bike.